Anybody Killa

Anybody Killa

James Lowery (born June 26, 1973), also known as Anybody Killa, or ABK, is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan, whose stage persona is that of a Native American warrior. He is signed to Psychopathic Records. Prior to performing as ABK he performed as Native Funk.

Lowery was raised on the east side of Detroit. His parents were from Pembroke, North Carolina. Lowery’s father was a preacher. His aunt and mother taught him about Native American heritage, telling him Cherokee and Lumbee legends and teaching him about dreamcatchers. Lowery started making music at a young age, using anything he could find as instruments, and began writing his own songs at the age of 13. By the age of 15, local kids were paying to watch him perform in his garage.

In 1995, he formed the group Krazy Klan with childhood friend Lavel, performing as Jaymo and J-ho, respectively. During this period, Lowery worked at a side plant that produced parts for Chrysler. His middle finger was partially cut off in an accident. After releasing two albums independently and performing at local clubs and parties, Krazy Klan broke up.

Since going solo, Lowery has released one album under the alias Native Funk, countless solo albums as ABK, as well as working on collaborative group albums with fellow emcees — Drive-By with Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Detroit Warriors with Strict 9, and The Hav Knots with Big Hoodoo.

He has also been a part of the supergroup Dark Lotus and went on to form another record label, Native World Inc., releasing albums from various other artists throughout the years.


Tales from the Lotus Pod (Revisited) (w/ Dark Lotus) (2002)
Hatchet Warrior (2003)
Dirty History (2004)
Black Rain (w/ Dark Lotus) (2004)
Check Your Shit In Bitch! (as Sawed Off, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2004)
Limited Edition EP (as Sawed Off, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2004)
Road Fools (2005)
Pony Down (Prelude) (w/ Drive-By) (2005)
Strike 1 Mixx (w/ Detroit Warriors) (2006)
Strike 2 Mixx (w/ Detroit Warriors) (2006)
Native Funk: Rain From the Sun/Rattlesnake EP (2006)
Orange Halloween (2006)
Black Halloween (2006)
Holiday Jingles (2006)
Devilish (Orange Black 2007) (2007)
Frosty the Dopeman (Holiday Jingles 2007) (2007)
Mudface (2008)
Pony Down (Prelude) (Re-issue) (w/ Drive-By) (2008)
Medicine Bag (2010)
EatShitNDie (as Sawed Off, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2011)
Backdoor Ryda EP (as Sawed Off, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2011)
Underground Reality (2012)
Perception vs Reality (2012)
Back on Da Block EP (w/ Drive-By) (2013)
The Perfection Collection (2014)
Run These Streets EP (w/ Drive-By) (2014)
Shapeshifter: Prelude EP (2015)
The Lost War Chief Sessions (2016)
Who’s Watching (Orange Black 2016) (2016)
Blame the Witch (Orange Black 2016) (2016)
My Baby (2017 Valentine Single) (2017)
Killa Features (2017)
Killa Double Features (2017)
Orange Black 2017 (2017)
Naughty List (Holiday Jingles 2017) (2017)
Love Bites (2018)
Wanna Smoke (2018)
Killa Triple Features (2018)
Walking Alone (Orange Black) (2018)
You Ah Scrooge (2018 Holiday Jingle) (2018)
Tampon Juice (2019)
Shapeshifter (2019)
4 The OG’s EP (w/ Drive-By) (2019)
Low Budget EP (w/ The Hav Knots) (2019)
Full Reservation Free Lunch Freestyle (2019)
The Lone Ryda (as Sawed-Off) (2020)
Smoke That Up (2021)
Pact of the 4 (w/ ESN) (2021)
Always Bringing Knowledge (2022)

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