MC Holocaust

MC Holocaust

MC Holocaust, also known as Playa Misery, is an emcee from Birmingham, Alabama. He is a central figure to Doomshop Records and frequently works with other artists associated with the label.

His style is a throwback to the days of rap’s gorier and hyper-violent history. With the help of multiple producers and a unique flow, MC Holocaust takes these elements and truly fuses it into a unique sound.


Poltergeist Pimpin’ (as Deeeznvtzzz, w/ Occvlt) (2015)
Baptized in the Flames (as Deeeznvtzzz) (2015)
Hurt the World (2015)
Mass Hysteria (2016)
Nemesis at Large (2016)
Concentration Camp (2016)
Never Ending Fade (2016)
Products of Da Undaground (w/ DJ Akoza) (2017)
Corrupt From the Get Go (2017)
Homegrown Terrorist (2018)

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