V Sinizter

V Sinizter

Throughout the ages many talented individuals have left their mark upon the world through their incredible talent. From legendary artists to magnificent composers – those who have captured the worlds intrigue through enigmatic, but imaginative works – thoroughly hailed as genius by both fans and critics alike. So what makes this individual able to boldly stake claim to such a hierarchy of legendary artists and composers? The answer is quite simple. Because he is Vinnie Billingsley aka V Sinizter (or simply V to his friends): One Man, One Dream, One Destiny . . . a man who has taken a couple of apples and created hot steaming delicious apple pies with his bare hands.

Anything but a normal child by society’s standards, V entered this world of humble beginnings in 1977 in a poverty stricken but loving household. Coming from a family with a deep entrenchment in the music and movie business mother, Stephanie Smith, a singer in a Rhythm and Blues group who performed on The Ed Sullivan Show and Ted Macks Amateur Hour – older brother, Stephen Herd, known as rap artist Mack Tha Jacka – cousin, the legendary Curtis Mayfield – cousin, gospel vocalist Leatha Warfield, who sang with Sister Rosetta Tharpe – cousin, gospel vocalist Vanessa Bell Armstrong – and cousin, actor Julian Mayfield would prove to be a guiding light for V to continue his family’s legacy.

Aspiring to many things as a child, V found solace in video games, comic books and music to escape the harsh realities of daily life. Whilst other kids were merely learning the basics of ABC’s, V not only had a full grasp on the structure of grammar, but used it to feed his hungering mind for vast amounts of knowledge. Enrolled in an accelerated school for Arts and Sciences, V was able to mold his gift into something that would carry him forth into the world of music with unequaled distinction.


The World Awaits (w/ Lethal Lega-C) (2001)
Morning Star: Sins of an Angel (2002)
Hunting Season (2003)
Haunt of Fear (2003)
Morning Star: Soul of the Beast (2004)
Haunt of Fear 1 (2004)
Hunting Season: Annihilation (2006)
Haunt of Fear 2 (2006)
Haunt of Fear: Anthology (2007)
Lionheart: The Sword of God (2008)
Faces of Death! EP (2009)
Pale Horse: Requiem for the Darkness (2010)
The Great Stairwell EP (2017)
The Haunt of Fear 3 (2020)
Covenant of Blood (w/ Natural Born Killers) (2020)
Return of the Master Killers (w/ Natural Born Killers) (2021)
Lost Gospels (2022)
BARS (w/ Zitro, Tierre Diaz, and Clifton Derrell) (2024)
Hunting Season: Extermination (2024)

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