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This site will always be a work in progress. I am well aware that there are hundreds of artists that still need to be added. Please keep in mind that I am one person and it takes time to add each entry.

Fill out the form below to submit info about yourself or an artist you would like to see entered on the site.

Before submitting, please visit the A-Z page to be sure that the artist you are looking for doesn’t already have a spot here.

Editing an Existing Artist

If an artist already exists on the site, but you feel that some information may need to be changed in some way, new information needs to be added, etc., please visit the Edit an Artist page and fill out the separate form there.


If for some reason you are experiencing issues when attaching an image/uploading a file in the form below, you can always just fill out the rest of the information and email a clearly labeled photo to horrorcorewiki@gmail.com.

Thank you!


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