Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox (born James Spaniolo, November 5, 1975) is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan and performs as a member of the rap group Twiztid. Spaniolo’s stage name is a reference to Marvel Comics’s character Multiple Man.

Madrox has been a mainstay in the underground wicked shit scene for decades and has been a part of many influential groups including House of Krazees, Dark Lotus, the Psychopathic Rydas, and Triple Threat along with fellow MNE artist, Blaze Ya Dead Homie.


Mostasteless (w/ Twiztid) (1998)
Dumpin’ (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (1999)
Freek Show (w/ Twiztid) (2000)
Cryptic Collection (w/ Twiztid) (2000)
Cryptic Collection 2 (w/ Twiztid) (2001)
Ryden Dirtay (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2001)
Tales from the Lotus Pod (w/ Dark Lotus) (2001)
Mirror Mirror (w/ Twiztid) (2002)
Tales from the Lotus Pod (Revisited) (w/ Dark Lotus) (2002)
4 the Fam EP (w/ Twiztid) (2003)
The Green Book (w/ Twiztid) (2003)
Fright Fest 2003 (w/ Twiztid) (2003)
CC3 (w/ Twiztid) (2004)
Check Your Shit In Bitch! (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2004)
Limited Edition EP (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2004)
Black Rain (w/ Dark Lotus) (2004)
Man’s Myth (Vol. 1) (w/ Twiztid) (2005)
Mutant (Vol. 2) (w/ Twiztid) (2005)
Fright Fest 2005 (w/ Twiztid) (2005)
Phatso The Album (2006)
Phatso (The Earth 2 Version) (2006)
Cryptic Collection: Halloween Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2006)
Independents Day (w/ Twiztid) (2007)
Duk Da Fuk Down (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2007)
The Opaque Brotherhood (w/ Dark Lotus) (2008)
Toxic Terror (w/ Twiztid) (2008)
W.I.C.K.E.D. (w/ Twiztid) (2009)
End of Days (w/ Twiztid) (2009)
Cryptic Collection: Holiday Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2009)
Heartbroken & Homicidal (w/ Twiztid) (2010)
CC4 (w/ Twiztid) (2011)
EatShitNDie (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2011)
Backdoor Ryda EP (as Lil’ Shank, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2011)
A Cut-Throat Christmas (w/ Twiztid) (2011)
American Psycho (w/ Twiztid & Insane Clown Posse) (2011)
Kronik Collection (w/ Twiztid) (2012)
Abominationz (w/ Twiztid) (2012)
A New Nightmare (w/ Twiztid) (2013)
The Mud, Water, Air & Blood (w/ Dark Lotus) (2014)
For the Fam Volume 2 (w/ Twiztid) (2014)
Get Twiztid (w/ Twiztid) (2014)
The Darkness (w/ Twiztid) (2015)
Mutant: Remixed & Remastered (w/ Twiztid) (2016)
Trapped (GOTJ 2016 Edition) (w/ Twiztid) (2016)
The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s (w/ Twiztid) (2017)
Cryptic Collection: Valentine’s Day Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2017)
Psychomania EP (w/ Twiztid) (2017)
III EP (w/ Triple Threat) (2017)
Triple Threat (w/ Triple Threat) (2017)
Cryptic Collection: Bongs & Blunts (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
Cryptic Collection: VIP Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
Trick or Treat EP (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
15 Years of Fright Fest (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
Generation Nightmare (w/ Twiztid) (2019)
Dont Play This 4 Any1! (w/ Twiztid) (2019)
Time Tunnel Volume 1 (w/ Twiztid) (2019)
The Rydas (as Lil’ Shank, w/ The Rydas) (2020)
Mad Season (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Disturbed & Unheard: A Celebration of 20 Years (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Songs of Samhain (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Revelashen (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Electric Lettuce (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Pact of the 4 (w/ ESN) (2021)
Unlikely Prescription (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Songs of Samhain 2: Haunted Record Player (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Black Friday Mystery EP (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Nickel Bag (w/ Twiztid) (2022)
Songs of Samhain 3: CULT OF NIGHT (w/ Twiztid) (2022)
Glyph (w/ Twiztid) (2022)
Echoes From Dimension X (w/ Twiztid) (2023)
Odyssey EP (w/ Twiztid, Blaze, and DJ Godzilla) (2023)
Songs of Samhain 4: The Liminal Space (w/ Twiztid) (2023)
Christmas Collection (w/ Twiztid) (2023)
Electric Lettuce Deluxe Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2024)

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