Paul Robert Methric (born July 14, 1973) is an American rapper and producer from Detroit, Michigan, well known as Monoxide Child of the rap group Twiztid.

He has been rapping in the wicked underground scene for over two decades and has been a major part of groups including House of Krazees, Dark Lotus, Psychopathic Rydas, Triple Threat, and Venomous5.


Mostasteless (w/ Twiztid) (1998)
Dumpin’ (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (1999)
Freek Show (w/ Twiztid) (2000)
Cryptic Collection (w/ Twiztid) (2000)
Cryptic Collection 2 (w/ Twiztid) (2001)
Ryden Dirtay (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2001)
Tales from the Lotus Pod (w/ Dark Lotus) (2001)
Mirror Mirror (w/ Twiztid) (2002)
Tales from the Lotus Pod (Revisited) (w/ Dark Lotus) (2002)
4 the Fam EP (w/ Twiztid) (2003)
The Green Book (w/ Twiztid) (2003)
Fright Fest 2003 (w/ Twiztid) (2003)
CC3 (w/ Twiztid) (2004)
Check Your Shit In Bitch! (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2004)
Limited Edition EP (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2004)
Black Rain (w/ Dark Lotus) (2004)
Chainsmoker LP (2004)
Man’s Myth (Vol. 1) (w/ Twiztid) (2005)
Mutant (Vol. 2) (w/ Twiztid) (2005)
Fright Fest 2005 (w/ Twiztid) (2005)
Cryptic Collection: Halloween Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2006)
Independents Day (w/ Twiztid) (2007)
Duk Da Fuk Down (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2007)
The Opaque Brotherhood (w/ Dark Lotus) (2008)
Toxic Terror (w/ Twiztid) (2008)
W.I.C.K.E.D. (w/ Twiztid) (2009)
End of Days (w/ Twiztid) (2009)
Cryptic Collection: Holiday Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2009)
Heartbroken & Homicidal (w/ Twiztid) (2010)
CC4 (w/ Twiztid) (2011)
EatShitNDie (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2011)
Backdoor Ryda EP (as Foe Foe, w/ Psychopathic Rydas) (2011)
A Cut-Throat Christmas (w/ Twiztid) (2011)
American Psycho (w/ Twiztid & Insane Clown Posse) (2011)
Kronik Collection (w/ Twiztid) (2012)
Abominationz (w/ Twiztid) (2012)
A New Nightmare (w/ Twiztid) (2013)
The Mud, Water, Air & Blood (w/ Dark Lotus) (2014)
For the Fam Volume 2 (w/ Twiztid) (2014)
Get Twiztid (w/ Twiztid) (2014)
The Darkness (w/ Twiztid) (2015)
Mutant: Remixed & Remastered (w/ Twiztid) (2016)
Trapped (GOTJ 2016 Edition) (w/ Twiztid) (2016)
The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s (w/ Twiztid) (2017)
Cryptic Collection: Valentine’s Day Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2017)
Psychomania EP (w/ Twiztid) (2017)
III EP (w/ Triple Threat) (2017)
Triple Threat (w/ Triple Threat) (2017)
Cryptic Collection: Bongs & Blunts (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
Cryptic Collection: VIP Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
Trick or Treat EP (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
15 Years of Fright Fest (w/ Twiztid) (2018)
Generation Nightmare (w/ Twiztid) (2019)
Dont Play This 4 Any1! (w/ Twiztid) (2019)
Time Tunnel Volume 1 (w/ Twiztid) (2019)
The Rydas (as Foe Foe, w/ The Rydas) (2020)
Mad Season (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Disturbed & Unheard: A Celebration of 20 Years (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Songs of Samhain (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Revelashen (w/ Twiztid) (2020)
Electric Lettuce (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Pact of the 4 (w/ ESN) (2021)
Unlikely Prescription (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Songs of Samhain 2: Haunted Record Player (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Black Friday Mystery EP (w/ Twiztid) (2021)
Nickel Bag (w/ Twiztid) (2022)
Songs of Samhain 3: CULT OF NIGHT (w/ Twiztid) (2022)
Glyph (w/ Twiztid) (2022)
Echoes From Dimension X (w/ Twiztid) (2023)
Odyssey EP (w/ Twiztid, Blaze, and DJ Godzilla) (2023)
Songs of Samhain 4: The Liminal Space (w/ Twiztid) (2023)
Christmas Collection (w/ Twiztid) (2023)
The Chainsmoker II (2024)
Electric Lettuce Deluxe Edition (w/ Twiztid) (2024)

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