Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones

Originally calling himself Big J., James Spaniolo or Mr. Bones was a founding member of the group House of Krazees. Along with partners EXP/Hektic, he released five group albums including a ‘best of’ compilation in 2013 called Casket Cutz, along with his two solo projects.

Mr. Bones would later go on to be part of one of the wicked underground’s most popular acts in Twiztid as Jamie Madrox.


Home Sweet Home (w/ House of Krazees) (1993)
The Demon Inside (1994)
Home Bound (w/ House of Krazees) (1994)
Season of the Pumpkin (w/ House of Krazees) (1994)
Sacrifice (1995)
Outbreed (w/ House of Krazees) (1995)
Head Trauma (w/ House of Krazees) (1996)
Collectors Edition 97 (w/ House of Krazees) (1997)
Casket Cutz (w/ House of Krazees) (2013)
Post Apocalyptic Word EP (w/ House of Krazees) (2019)

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