Sycksyde was formed in 2000 in Anderson, Indiana by Bob E Nite, Icepick Willie, Sinister X, Meathead, and Mr Kiltcha/JxKxMx. They released the album White Crosses with that line up.

They then added Ensizon to the group as Meathead and Sinister X left the group. This lineup was short lived as Ensizon passed away and Sycksyde broke up.

In 2008, Dash 10/Juz-10 was added to Sycksyde and the album Sometimes They Come Back was released.

Sycksyde went on hiatus again until 2020 when Bob e Nite, Icepick Willie, and JxKxMx added Empire of Dirt member Dokta Butcha to the line up. This new roster released their first EP together, Vengeance of the Dead, in October 2020.

Group Members

Bob E. Nite
Dokta Butcha
Franky Frank
Icepick Willie
Mr. Kiltcha
Sinister X


White Crosses (2001)
Merry Syckmas EP (2007)
Sometimes They Come Back (2008)
Sometimes They Come Back – The Live Show (2009)
Lights From the Pumpkin (2009)
White Crosses (Cassette) (2020)
Vengeance of the Dead (2020)

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