Mr Kiltcha

JxKxMx is a member of Sycksyde, Empire of Dirt, and Sons of Solomon. He is a former member of Monsta Squad with Dash 10 (RIP).

He has released two solo projects as Mr. Kiltcha, as well as a solo EP as JxKxMx.

His new album “Content, Waiting to Die” will be released late 2020 or early 2021.


White Crosses (w/ SyckSyde) (2001)
Potrait of a Serial Killer (2007)
Merry Syckmas EP (w/ SyckSyde) (2007)
Sometimes They Come Back (w/ SyckSyde) (2008)
Fat Piece of Shit EP (2009)
Sometimes They Come Back – The Live Show (w/ SyckSyde) (2009)
The Beauty and The Violence (w/ Monsta Squad) (2009)
Grindhouse Hip Hop (w/ Monsta Squad) (2009)
Lights From the Pumpkin (w/ SyckSyde) (2009)
Harvest Ritual (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2017)
I Went On The Magical Misery Tour And All I Got Was This Lousy E​.​P. (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2018)
Magical Misery Tour (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2018)
Double Feature (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2020)
Halloweeners (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2020)
Vengeance of the Dead (w/ SyckSyde) (2020)
Hymns of the Needle Freak EP (2021)
Nightmare Concert (w/ Monsta Squad) (2021)
Exit Bag Strategy (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2022)
I’d Rather be Sleeping (2022)
Suicide Session Vol. 1 – Content Waiting to Die (2023)
The Woke Propaganda EP (as nothingleftinside) (2023)
Halloweeners and the Beach Blanket Bimbo Blood Massacre (w/ Empire of Dirt) (2023)

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