Skrapz is an emcee from Detroit, Michigan. He has been a part of the underground hip hop scene for many years including stints with groups 2 Krazy Devils, House of Krazees/Halfbreed, and Level Jumpers, before releasing multiple solo projects.


Flipped Insanity (as Krazy, w/ 2 Krazy Devils) (1995)
Demo (w/ Demigodz) (1998)
The Night They Kame Home (w/ House of Krazees) (1999)
Serial Killaz (w/ Halfbreed) (1999)
Virus Shit Sampler (w/ Halfbreed) (1999)
Kontamination (w/ Halfbreed) (2000)
Rage of the Plague (w/ Halfbreed) (2000)
Volume One Sampler (w/ Level Jumpers) (2000)
Volume Two Sampler (w/ Level Jumpers) (2000)
Simply Complx ‎(w/ Level Jumpers) (2001)
The End (w/ Halfbreed) (2002)
The Red Pyramid (w/ Level Jumpers) (2002)
The 12 Step Program (2005)
Way Better Than You (2013)

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  1. This dude, right here right here is a motherfucking legend who just said I don’t wanna do this anymore because of other shit to do but all your favorite artists know who he is but no one says shit ever and then you look up this dude‘s name how many people bite and take off of or breed live off of whatever the fuck you wanna call it but this guy right here hands-down still wish he would make more music, but he is a fucking legend

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