Skrapz is an emcee from Detroit, Michigan. He has been a part of the underground hip hop scene for many years including stints with groups 2 Krazy Devils, House of Krazees/Halfbreed, and Level Jumpers, before releasing multiple solo projects.


Flipped Insanity (as Krazy, w/ 2 Krazy Devils) (1995)
Demo (w/ Demigodz) (1998)
The Night They Kame Home (w/ House of Krazees) (1999)
Serial Killaz (w/ Halfbreed) (1999)
Virus Shit Sampler (w/ Halfbreed) (1999)
Kontamination (w/ Halfbreed) (2000)
Rage of the Plague (w/ Halfbreed) (2000)
Volume One Sampler (w/ Level Jumpers) (2000)
Volume Two Sampler (w/ Level Jumpers) (2000)
Simply Complx ‎(w/ Level Jumpers) (2001)
The End (w/ Halfbreed) (2002)
The Red Pyramid (w/ Level Jumpers) (2002)
The 12 Step Program (2005)
Way Better Than You (2013)



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