2 Krazy Devils

2 Krazy Devils

2 Krazy Devils was an American hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan, that performed horrorcore lyrics in the style of other local artists such as Esham and House of Krazees. The duo consisted of Psycho C and Krazy, later known as Skrapz.

Their only album, Flipped Insanity, was released in 1995. The title track contained disses towards Insane Clown Posse. The duo split after one album.

Skrapz later joined House of Krazees (in it’s second and third line-ups), and Psycho C changed his stage name to Blaze Ya Dead Homie and was a part of Infamous Superstars Incorporated, the proposed group that cut a demo for Psychopathic Records, along with former House of Krazees members Jamie Madrox and Monoxide. Psychopathic passed on I.S.I., but wanted to sign Jamie Madrox and Monoxide as a duo, leading them to form Twiztid. Blaze later signed with Psychopathic as a solo artist, and eventually formed Zodiac Mprint with House of Krazees’ The R.O.C. Blaze is also a member of the supergroup Samhein Witch Killaz, along with the members of House of Krazees.

Group Members

Psycho C


Flipped Insanity (1995)

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