Shayne “Pop’N” Wolf


Shayne “Pop’N” Wolf, fka C Pop’N, is an emcee from Detroit, MI. He was one half of NDC with Low C who released “Rape Musick” in 2006 and Project Sin with Stitchez who released “Open Them Legs and Let Us In” in 2009.

In 2020, he released his highly anticipated solo album, “LowLife Resurrection” (PROJECT:NEVERDEAD).


Rape Musick (w/ Never Dead Clique) (2006)
Open Them Legs and Let Us In (w/ Project: Sin) (2009)
LowLife Resurrection (PROJECT​:​NEVER DEAD) (2020)
The Great Lakes Butcher (2022)
Floaters (w/ The PlasticMen) (2023)

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