Considered by some a legend in the small genre of horrorcore, Komatose has been a slave to the darker side of music since 1998. Starting out reciting lyrics of lunacy into an at home makeshift recording setup, now years later, Komatose is now being whispered about in every dark corner by people who dare like something a bit darker and morbid. Komatose started his own label in 2001 with one of horrorcores most memorable duos “Kryptik”.

With Kryptik as the corner stone, Cutthroat Productions, his makeshift home for his melodies of the macabre, had reached to all corners of the United States and a few places across the pond just through word of mouth alone. Now performing across the greater US, Komatose is pushing his butchered beats and hideous rhymes to anyone daring enough to listen and plans to do so until father time puts a stop to the madness known as Komatose “The Pumpkin King.”


Cryptogenic (1997)
Dementia (w/ ASYLUM) (1998)
Necromania (w/ ASYLUM) (1999)
Trick or Treatment (w/ ASYLUM) (1999)
Cryptogenic² (1999)
Sampler 2000 (w/ ASYLUM) (2000)
UnHoly Trinity (w/ ASYLUM) (2000)
Necrophilia (w/ ASYLUM) (2000)
Insainiax Sampler (w/ Insainiax) (2000)
Enlightened by Darkness Sampler (w/ Kryptik) (2000)
Temple of the Dead (w/ Kryptik) (2000)
The Dead Hate The Living (w/ Kryptik) (2001)
Rhymin’ While Krunk (w/ Ill White Honkiez) (2001)
A Tale of 2 Killers (w/ Kryptik) (2002)
Enlightened By Darkness Sampler (w/ Kryptik) (2002)
Children Shouldnt Play With Dead Things (w/ Kryptik) (2002)
Unfinished Business (w/ Ill White Honkiez) (2002)
What Lies Beneath (w/ Kryptik) (2003)
Left Overs (w/ Kryptik) (2003)
The Experimental Sampler (w/ Mental ILLness) (2003)
No Rest for the Wicked (w/ ASYLUM) (2003)
Mentally Challenged (w/ Mental ILLness) (2004)
The OSK Sampler (w/ Kryptik) (2004)
The Last CD on the Left (2004)
Horrorcores Heroes (w/ Among the Dead) (2005)
The Dead Walk Anthology (w/ Kryptik) (2005)
Hallows Evil 1-6 (w/ Kryptik) (2005)
Higher Standards (w/ The Principles) (2007)
In the Sin of Man (2008)
From The Beyond – The Se7en Songs of Death (w/ Kryptik) (2009)
The Ugly (2010)
Stranger Than Fiction (w/ The Principles) (2010)
The Last Horror Show (w/ Kryptik) (2011)
I, Madman (2012)
One (w/ Oktoberz Children) (2013)
Higher Standards v2.0 (w/ The Principles) (2013)
The Epilogue (w/ Oktoberz Children) (2014)
Home Movies (w/ Kryptik) (2015)
You and Your Friends Are Dead (2016)
Spread the Grease Mixtape (w/ Old Man Rap Syndicate) (2017)
The Boom Bap Blood Splat Horrorcore Back Pack (2018)
Goretorium (2018)
Antrum (2020)
365 EP (2020)
???? (w/ Kryptik) (2020)
The Uglier (2021)
The Revenant (2021)
These are Campfire Tales That I Made in 2021 That Haven’t Been Put on a CD Yet (2021)
Gentlemens Game (as Ark Pluto, w/ Microphone Elements) (2022)
I, Madman (Limited Edition Single) (2022)
No One Survives Oktober (2023)
Hallows Evil 2023 EP (2023)

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  1. I remember being online with my boyfriend listening to Komatose for hours together. Such an amazing artist, with talent that runs deep. Definitely one of my favorites.
    All hails to Koma the Pumpkin King 😉 🤘

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