Mike Fantastik

Mike Fantastik

July 14, 2021 Fat Phrank 0

Mike Fantastik was born and raised in the hip hop black hole better known as Omaha, Nebraska. He became fond of rap music at an […]

R-SuN Tr8


December 30, 2019 Fat Phrank 0

R-SuN TR8 started recording music early in 1999. He worked on a series of group collaborations for the majority of his career. This eventually lead […]



December 26, 2019 Fat Phrank 1

Considered by some a legend in the small genre of horrorcore, Komatose has been a slave to the darker side of music since 1998. Starting […]

The Principles

Principles, The

December 26, 2019 Fat Phrank 0

The Principles was a hip hop group consisting of emcees Komatose, Mike Fantastik, and R-SuN TR8 and DJ TouchNice.