Kryptik is a horrorcore duo consisting of emcees Komatose (from Omaha, NE) and Rukus (from Long Island, NY). The group began making music together in 1999 and continue to release music together on the rare occasion today.

The latest from the longtime rappers was a surprise two song EP released on Devil’s Night 2020.

Group Members



Enlightened by Darkness Sampler (2000)
Temple of the Dead (2000)
The Dead Hate The Living (2001)
A Tale of 2 Killers (2002)
Enlightened By Darkness Sampler (2002)
Children Shouldnt Play With Dead Things (2002)
What Lies Beneath (2003)
Left Overs (2003)
The OSK Sampler (2004)
The Dead Walk Anthology (2005)
Hallows Evil 1-6 (2005)
From The Beyond – The Se7en Songs of Death (2009)
The Last Horror Show (2011)
Home Movies (2015)
???? (2020)

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