II Rel

II Rel

II Rel is an emcee from Anderson, IN. He is the alter ego of horrorcore rapper Bob E. Nite.

II Rel has released several solo projects throughout his 20+ years in the scene, as well as group releases with Midwest Suspex, Panty Raidaz, etc.


Mental Relness (1998)
Funky Violationz (w/ Midwest Suspex) (1999)
The Relionaire (2001)
On Hit (2002)
The Campaign EP (2003)
Relogik (2004)
RELigion (2006)
The Line-Up (w/ Midwest Suspex) (2007)
Class of 92′ EP (2008)
Panty Raiderz (w/ Panty Raiderz) (2008)
In the Vault (Best of Relness) (2009)
Net Beef (2009)
Rel Talk (2010)

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