Wolff started rapping as part of the group Demented Bastards. The original group released one album before disbanding and the members going solo.

Wolff then went on to work independently as a solo artist for several releases before joining Horrorflik Musick releasing only a few albums and EP’s, until eventually being signed to Meathook Records.

He still continued to release solo projects and mixtapes as one half of a new duo, Dead Body Disposal Unit, as well as bring the original Demented Bastards group who returned but with different members from the original iteration.


Mindfucked (w/ Demented Bastards) (2009)
Lust for Blood (2010)
Return of the Lycan (2011)
Gore Veteran (2012)
Beasts Unleashed Mixtape (2012)
Full Moon Mixtape (2012)
The Other Side EP (2012)
Lycanthropy (2013)
Love Kills Mixtape (2013)
The More the Murderous (2013)
The ER EP (as E.R.) (2014)
Most Grotesque EP (2014)
Blood Moon EP (2017)
Mind of Mass Destruction (2017)
Home Invasion Mixxxtape (w/ Dead Body Disposal Unit) (2019)
This EP Violates Our Terms of Service (2019)
The More the Murderous 2 (2020)
The Infeckted Mixtape (2023)
My Bitch EP (2023)
Demented Bastards EP (w/ Demented Bastards) (2024)
This LP Violates Our Terms of Service (2024)
Bearer of Death (2024)
Svicide Kvlt Mixxxtape (w/ Dead Body Disposal Unit) (2024)
Lust for Blood: Revisited (2024)

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