Demented Bastards

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Demented Bastards originally formed in 2008-2009 with members Wolff and Snuffa Kunt. Later on, they added TwEek to a few songs and as part of the group. The trio released their first LP titled Mindfucked in 2009 through MySpace.

Demented Bastards was influenced by a number of other artists at the time, mainly in the Devil Shyt and Gore Rap sub-genres, hence some of the track names and similar featured artists. Mindfucked was the first ever project released by both Wolff and Snuffa Kunt, as well as the only thing TwEek has ever appeared on.

They made a few guest appearances, released a few singles, and announced a second project sometime later, entitled Slash Step, but was ultimately cancelled before it got anywhere. The group disbanded and the members went onto making solo releases.

A newer iteration was started in 2020 with Wolff, ShadowX, BodyRott, and ISP for a self-titled EP coming sometime soon.

Group Members

Snuffa Kunt


Mindfucked (2009)
Demented Bastards EP (2023)

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