De Sade

DeSade is a Czech horrorcore rapper who, alongside Reznik, formed the group Sodoma Gomora in the early 2000s. As a group, the duo has released five projects, while DeSade has dropped numerous solo titles under multiple aliases.


Bůh Se Utnul (w/ Sodoma Gomora) (2008)
Na Konci Tunelu Je Tma (w/ Sodoma Gomora) (2010)
2000DeSade (2010)
Éra Déra (w/ Sodoma Gomora) (2013)
Sádismus (2013)
Ostatky Svatého Jidáše (w/ Sodoma Gomora) (2013)
Here I Cum (2015)
Multikill ‎(w/ Sodoma Gomora) (2016)
Kill Yourself (2018)
RESUERKCE ‎(w/ Sodoma Gomora) (2022)

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