Toxic Plague Entertainment

Toxic Plague Entertainment (TPE) was an infamous juggalo video podcast that streamed LIVE on YouTube from somewhere in Upstate New York. TPE would chop it up with subscribers about current Juggalo affairs of the time. Started in 2020 by founding members Plague, Toxic and Bash The Dead Guy. In 2021, Trailer Park Cinderella, Onsted & Stoney Lo would be added to the group. Years later their strong legion of supporters known as “cult members” remain loyal to this day awaiting the return of TPE despite them being M.I.A for over a year over controversial circumstances. Plague and Toxic left the internet after strong allegations of scamming fans with merchandise and e-begging thousands of dollars. In January 2021, Bash (The Dead Guy) left TPE to go solo forming his own YouTube channel called “Spread The Dead Show” while the remaining members Trailer Park Cinderella & Onsted would go on to establish their own program titled “Thuggalo Show” in November 2022. A pocket of youtube juggalos yearn for the day all the members return and bring back TPE for the fam

Group Members

Bash The Dead Guy
Stoney Lo
Trailer Park Cinderella


TPE (2020)
Spread The Dead Show (2021)
Thuggalo Show (2022)

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