Thuggalo Show

Thuggalo Show

Thuggalo Show is a juggalo-centric webshow that airs LIVE weekly on Friday nights catering to the hearsay around the current happenings of Psychopathic Records & Chapter 17. The show started in November 2022 as an interview based podcast which chronicles itself into chapters. Hosted by Trailer Park Cinderella, Onsted & Elixir. Thuggalo Show has had exclusive interviews with the likes of Violent J of Insane Clown Posse, Blahzay Roze & Clownvis Presley. Along with a non-stop promo hustle, Thuggalo Show has quickly risen up among the ranks of the juggalo world and continues to set the bar for the culture.

Group Members

Trailer Park Cinderella


Thuggalo Show (2022)

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