Bash The Dead Guy

Bash The Dead Guy

Bash “The Dead Guy” is the host of Spread The Dead podcast with horrorcore rappers Gunner B and Goreleone. Bash was a founding member of Toxic Plague Entertainment (TPE) in conjunction with defamed juggalo youtube podcasters Plague & Toxic. Bash runs the most successful juggalo youtube channel running today with over 6K subscribers. Spread The Dead is a juggalo podcast that spotlights horror news, wrestling news and all the hottest scoops about the world of ICP & Twiztid. Bash has been a YouTuber for over half a decade and continues to bring the quick and fast daily news updates before anyone else. The greatest accomplishment of The Dead Guy as it stands now is surpassing Faygoluvers as the best news source in the underground.


The Dead Stream (2017)
Toxic Plague Entertainment (2020)
Spread The Dead Show (2021)
The Deadstream (2024)

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