Plague (TPE)

Plague TPE

Plague was the leader of the infamous Juggalo YouTube channel Toxic Plague Entertainment (TPE). Despite being accused of scamming by multiple online sources, most notably in connection with the “Psychopathic Museum” Facebook group—a marketplace for buying and selling rare Psychopathic Records jerseys—he amassed a significant following. The Psychopathic Museum labeled Plague as the biggest “scammer” in its history. Nonetheless, Plague’s TPE movement garnered a large YouTube audience and involved other Juggalo influencers such as Toxic, Bash The Dead Guy, Trailer Park Cinderella, and Onsted.

Little is known about Plague’s personal life, other than that he hails from Upstate New York, and his co-host “Toxic” has been his best friend since second grade. Plague is a lifelong Juggalo and a devoted fan of Insane Clown Posse. He once described TPE as the “Juggalo TMZ,” focusing on news from the darker side of the Juggalo world. TPE achieved significant success during the COVID-19 pandemic and, alongside “Shaggy and The Creep” and “ChildsPlayNinja,” became one of the most popular livestreams in Juggalo programming.

However, in July 2022, Plague allegedly solicited donations from subscribers to attend the 2022 Gathering of the Juggalos. After reportedly receiving thousands of dollars in donations, he failed to appear at the event and swiftly deleted his digital presence. The current whereabouts of Plague are unknown.


Toxic Plague Entertainment (2021)

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