Memorex (aka Ajax, Echospeak, Dead Shifty etc.) is a rapper from UK who has been active since 2000. He coined the term “gothic rap”, his unique style of horrorcore: his style of hip-hop is boom bap beats with Castlevania-esque type melodies and samples.

Sometimes nicknamed the Vampire of Rap, he is also known to be active in the field of Conscious Rap. He released his first single ‘I Tried Sis’ in early 2001 which was later included on his 2002 debut album ‘Sweet Rapper Ain’t Soft’, both of which were originally only released on cassette.


Sweet Rapper Ain’t Soft (2002)
Black Saturday (w/ Haunted Hill) (2002)
Baby Alan Jr. EP (2003)
Hate Is Fuelled By Love (2004)
Widow’s Peak EP (2005)
The Anna EP (2005)
Nursery Crimes (as Dire Clown) (2005)
Attack Of The Boom Bap Vampire (2006)
Introducing RTC (w/ Rye Town’s Creatures) (2006)
Diary Of A Doomed Vacation (w/ Rye Town’s Creatures) (2006)
The Witching Hour (w/ Rye Town’s Creatures) (2006)
Rise Of The Scissorman (2007)
Missing Her Embrace (2007)
Devotion & Despair (2008)
Slayboy Mansion (w/ Rye Town’s Creatures) (2008)
Morality Bites (w/ The Mourning Prayer) (2008)
Miskonceptionz (w/ The Mourning Prayer) (2009)
Gothic Rap (2009)
Buried Alive EP (w/ Zion Falls) (2009)
Cantata Of The Night (2010)
Tales Of The Slayed & Dead (2010)
Chariots Of Satan (2011)
The Nadia Franciscus EP (2011)
Return to Rye (w/ Rye Town’s Creatures) (2012)
Return of the Scissorman (2012)
The Dead Shifty LP (2016)
Echospeak’s Scarlett Moon LP (2017)
Buried B-Sides Volume 1 (2021)
Requiem of the Vampire (2023)
Dead Shifty Keeps It Reel (2023)

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  1. Requiem of the Vampire hasn’t been released yet. It was first announced in 2018 I believe but the album is set for a 2023 release.

    Melodies OfMalice was recently announced to have changed name to Dead Shifty Keeps It Reel. No release date known yet as far as I know.

    There are a few other odd albums on there I dont think exist. I could be wrong though.

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