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Zion Falls

June 2, 2022 Fat Phrank 0

Zion Falls were a horrorcore duo made up of SirT and Memorex. They only released one album, a mixtape called “The Buried Alive EP” before […]

Rye Town's Creatures

Rye Town’s Creatures

June 2, 2022 Fat Phrank 4

Rye Town’s Creatures (sometimes referred to as Rye Town Coven and abbreviated to RTC) were a gothic rap and horrorcore group from UK, England, consisting […]

Mourning Prayer

Mourning Prayer, The

June 2, 2022 Fat Phrank 0

The Mourning Prayer were a death rap/horrorcore duo from England, UK. They were known for being brutal, violent and aggressive 98% of the time in […]



September 10, 2021 Fat Phrank 1

Memorex (aka Ajax, Echospeak, Dead Shifty etc.) is a rapper from UK who has been active since 2000. He coined the term “gothic rap”, his […]