Look What Hell Created (w/ Two Sins) (1994)
Devil’z Night: Let the City Burn (w/ Two Sins) (1995)
Last Day on Earth (w/ Two Sins) (1997)
Welcome to Hell (w/ Two Sins) (2004)
Return of the Wicket: The E.P. (w/ Two Sins) (2005)
That Sinful Shit: Underground Bootleg Vol. 2 (w/ Two Sins) (2005)
Decade of Evil: Best of the Early Years (w/ Two Sins) (2006)
Hell Awaits (w/ Stitch Mouth) (2006)
That Sinful Shit, Vol. 2 (w/ Two Sins) (2007)
Underground Bootleg Volume 1: An Adult Nightmare (w/ Two Sins) (2007)
Street Testament (w/ Two Sins) (2008)
D Evil Worship (w/ D Evil Boiz) (2008)
The Exorcist (2009)
Last Day on Earth (w/ Two Sins) (2011)
Look What Hell Created (w/ Two Sins) (2011)
Rest In Peace Tha Album (w/ Two Sins) (2011)
Underground Bootleg: The Ultimate Collection (w/ Two Sins) (2012)
Devil’z Night (w/ Two Sins) (2012)
Sinner: From the Vault Volume One (2021)

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