BAMbam the Voodoo Chi7d

BAMbam the Voodoo Chi7d

BAMbam the Voodoo Chi7d is an emcee from Lansing, MI.

He is one half of the group Suicide Saints, and has been associated with other acts including Cannibal Disciplez and The DisKarded.

Bambam the Voodoo Chi7d is a living embodiment of the 7, a founder of many music movements, and an absolute madman.

For years upon years, Bam has been living the wicked shit. Rarely veering from the path of the dark and morbid corners of the music universe. Even as a young man, on the bus with his crew, the voodoo chi7d had a firm grasp of his musical Identity personal ideals. mix in a heavy dose of substance-based experimentation and a hearty helping of psychological therapy and the result is an eclectic blend of lyricism and lunacy.

It’s this unique approach that helped lead Bam to a relative degree of fame among the horrorcore community, as well as securing a spot in the memories of many wicked shit enthusiasts with his group ‘Cannibal Disciplez’ alongside famed MC ‘Cannibal Carib’.

Throughout his long and storied career, Bam has performed with musical greats such as Boondox, Dark Half, Anybody Killa, King Gordy, Axe Murder Boyz, Lil Wyte, Zug Izland, Shauna, Project Born, and Whitney Peyton just to name a few!

Now, he’s joined forces with the equally unusual Capital Chris to form the Suicide Saints with the goal of global domination! “Suicide Worldwide” is the battlecry. Will it be? Only time will tell…


Everyone Bleeds (w/ Cannibal Disciplez) (2011)
BAMbam’s Voodoo Chants (2012)
The Scrubby N Bloody EP (Hosted By F​-​Stop) (2013)
Cataclysm Of Darkness (w/ Cannibal Disciplez) (2013)
Therapy Sessions (2014)
Cuddled to the Corpses (2014)
Saintmas Carols 2014 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2014)
The Rough Shit Vol. 1 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2015)
The Rough Shit Vol. 2 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2015)
B73SSED (2015)
We Needz Moneyz!! EP (w/ Suicide Saints) (2015)
Saintmas Carols 2015 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2015)
Everyone Bleeds (Seconds) (w/ Cannibal Disciplez) (2016)
Live from the 3rd Annual Friday the 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath (w/ Suicide Saints) (2016)
Sainthain 2016 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2016)
Saintmas Carols 2016 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2016)
Rough Shit Vol. 3: A Prelude to Tirocinium (w/ Suicide Saints) (2017)
Rough and Slow (w/ Suicide Saints) (2017)
Chapter One: Tirocinium (w/ Suicide Saints) (2017)
Sainthain 2017 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2017)
Saintmas Carols 2017 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2017)
Valentine’s Day 20H18 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2018)
Slasher Sessionz (w/ Suicide Saints) (2018)
Straitjacket Hugs (2018)
Sainthain 20H18 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2018)
A Slow Murder on Saintmas (Greatest Carols) (w/ Suicide Saints) (2018)
Bloody Tubs and Rubber Ducks (w/ Suicide Saints) (2019)
Sainthain 2019 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2019)
A Nightmare on the Friday the 13th Before Saintmas (w/ Suicide Saints) (2019)
Saintmas Carols 201 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2019)
Chronic Illness EP (w/ Suicide Saints) (2020)
Sainthain 2020 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2020)
Pissin’ in the Mainstream (w/ Suicide Saints) (2020)
Saintmas Carols 2020 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2020)
The Bloody Adventures of Sonik & BAM! (w/ Sonik Fright) (2021)
The Disciplez of Suicide (w/ Cyanide Body Feast) (2021)
We Still Needz Moneyz​!​! (w/ Suicide Saints) (2021)
Sainthain 2021 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2021)
Saintsmas Carols 2021 (w/ Suicide Saints) (2021)
Dead Body Pimpin’ (2022)
Reanimated & Remutilated Sex Dolls (2022)
pumpkinbucketSTUFFEDwitgutz (2023)
Happy Birthday, Jesus (2023)
Late Night Smoke Ride (2024)

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