Born in NY, Rukus first hit the scene in 1999 when he and fellow rappers Komatose and Cobra created a group called ASYLUM. The two artists then went on to create the groups The Insainiax and Kryptik. Between group releases, Rukus released many solo albums and EPs.

Rukus was also in the following groups: Among The Dead, Suburban Legendz, The Body Snatcherz, The Gecko Brothers, The Gorehouse Greatz, The Groovie Ghouliez, The Dead Poet Society, Hillside Stranglerz, and Horror Movie Villainz.


Dementia (w/ ASYLUM) (1998)
Necromania (w/ ASYLUM) (1999)
Trick or Treatment (w/ ASYLUM) (1999)
Deadtime Storiez (1999)
Deadtime Storiez 2 (1999)
The Disciple (2000)
Sampler 2000 (w/ ASYLUM) (2000)
UnHoly Trinity (w/ ASYLUM) (2000)
Necrophilia (w/ ASYLUM) (2000)
Insainiax Sampler (w/ Insainiax) (2000)
Enlightened by Darkness Sampler (w/ Kryptik) (2000)
Temple of the Dead (w/ Kryptik) (2000)
Diary Of A Deadman (2001)
R.I.P. (2001)
The Dead Hate The Living (w/ Kryptik) (2001)
A Tale of 2 Killers (w/ Kryptik) (2002)
Enlightened By Darkness Sampler (w/ Kryptik) (2002)
Children Shouldnt Play With Dead Things (w/ Kryptik) (2002)
Retribution (2002)
What Lies Beneath (w/ Kryptik) (2003)
Left Overs (w/ Kryptik) (2003)
The False Prophet EP (2003)
No Rest for the Wicked (w/ ASYLUM) (2003)
An Evening To Dismember (2004)
The OSK Sampler (w/ Kryptik) (2004)
Horrorcores Heroes (w/ Among the Dead) (2005)
The Dead Walk Anthology (w/ Kryptik) (2005)
Hallows Evil 1-6 (w/ Kryptik) (2005)
Getting Away With Murder Mixtape (2008)
A Taste Of Violence (2009)
Graphik Violence (2009)
From The Beyond – The Se7en Songs of Death (w/ Kryptik) (2009)
The Butcher EP (2009)
Creature Feature EP (2010)
The Patrick Bateman Tapes EP (2010)
Hunting Humans (2010)
Fear And Loathing (Best Of Vol. 1) (2010)
The AUDIOtopsy (Best Of Vol. 2) (2010)
Dark Dayz EP (2011)
Gallery Of Horror EP (2011)
Grindhouse Double Feature (2011)
Happy B-Day To Me EP (2011)
Present… Xperiment in Fear (w/ Cutthroat) (2011)
Masters of Horror (w/ Cutthroat) (2011)
New Year’s Evil EP (2011)
Night Of Bloody Horror EP (2011)
Reconstructive Surgery EP (2011)
The Last Horror Show (w/ Kryptik) (2011)
The Butcher Returns EP (2011)
These Beats Ate My Neighbors EP (2011)
The Street Butcher EP (2011)
Hunting Humans II (2012)
Kill All Cheerleaderz EP (2012)
The Butchers Plate EP (2012)
The Butcherz In The Building EP (2012)
The Redrum EP (2012)
Invasion of the Body Snatcherz (w/ The Body Snatcherz) (2012)
House of Gore (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2012)
Death Waitz in the Dark (w/ Kreeep) (2012)
The Legend of Gorehouse (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2013)
Headz Up EP (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2013)
Suburban Legendz (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2013)
Horrorcore Handbook (2013)
Maniac EP (2013)
Out For Blood EP (2013)
The Collector EP (2013)
The Mad Butcher EP (2013)
The ReCollection EP (2013)
Campfire Tales (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2013)
Sinister (The Face Of Johnny Rotten) (2013)
Two Sides to Every Horror Story (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2013)
Return of the Body Snatcherz (w/ The Body Snatcherz) (2014)
Death Proof (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2014)
Dead of Winter (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2014)
Deranged EP (2014)
Dr. Butcher (2014)
High Tension (2014)
Morbid Memories EP (2014)
The Butcher Boy EP (2014)
Old Boy (2015)
Short Cutz EP (2015)
Xperiment in Fear II (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2015)
Home Movies (w/ Kryptik) (2015)
The Punisher EP (2015)
America Runz On Violence EP (2016)
Black Friday EP (2016)
Dinner With The Butcher EP (2016)
House Of 1000 Nightmares EP (2016)
Hunting Humans III EP (2016)
Let The Fun Begin EP (2016)
Autumn Bloodlust (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2016)
My Imaginary Friendz Are Dead Mixtape (2016)
Skull Fuck EP (2016)
Slasher Collection Vol. 1 (2016)
The Butcher Strikes Again EP (2016)
A Cut Above The Rest EP (2017)
Gothik Gospelz EP (2017)
Music to be Murdered By Mixtape (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2017)
Off My Meds EP (2017)
Off My Meds II EP (2017)
Order Through Chaos EP (2017)
Rhyme Slayer EP (2017)
Sex, Thugz & Rap Letz Roll EP (2017)
Sumthin’ 4 Everyone EP (2017)
The Midnight Hour (w/ The Gecko Brothers) (2017)
The Dead Poet Society (w/ The Dead Poet Society) (2017)
Bloodletting EP (2019)
???? (w/ Kryptik) (2020)
House of Gore (Re-visited) (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2020)
Never Underestimate Crazy (2021)
Xperiment in Fear Pt. III (w/ Cutthroat) (2021)

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