“I was born August 2nd, 2002 and have been into horrorcore since I was twelve years old. I first heard Lo Key’s “Chainsaw Symphony” and that sent me down a spiral of exploration through the genre. I started writing when I was 11, but didn’t get the materials to record until I was 16. I’ve been working on music ever since, still yet to produce a full album, only singles, but that is soon to change.

My name comes from seeing shadows all my life, with nothing casting them. Dark, evil auras giving off negative vibes. Eventually they started changing my mood, talking to me, touching me, etc. The X in my name comes from these shadows crossing both homicidal and suicidal tendencies blended in my mind.

I hope to just do my own thing in horrorcore and be different from everyone else, and hopefully change the genre for the better if I’m lucky.”


The Poisonous Gloss of Blood (2020)
Arachnid Nest (2020)



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