Most Horrorcore rappers stick to a classic tradition that has gotten old quickly. The genre seems to currently be lacking a lot of substance, and it seems that it’s been going downhill for a long time. A lot of artists use the same formula, of chop this, hack that, murder murder murder, gore gore gore, and leave it at that. They don’t have any talent to account for, other than being able to kind-of rap in general, and being edgy while doing so. There are a few gems amongst the others of course, artists who go the extra mile with their creativity and craft. Artists who use top-notch lyricism, original ideas, and who make music for the passion of making it.

I, ShadowX, promise to deliver in those categories. From gut-wrenching wordplay to the crazy album themes. I am by no means the best, I have a long ways to go. However, I hope you take the time to give me a chance and listen to my music, and understand what I am really trying to say here. Thank you.


The Poisonous Gloss of Blood (2020)
Arachnid Nest (2020)
Double Jointed (w/ KAOS) (2021)
The Green River Killer (2021)
Devil Complex (2021)
Demented Bastards EP (w/ Demented Bastards) (2024)

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