Big Sick

Big Sick

in 1999, outside of Chicago in a suburb named Aurora, IL, two friends decided to come together to form a group named Inferno. This group consisted of Fluff O’ Nutz and Big Sick. They performed comedy rap and weren’t serious, using stolen mainstream beats, they produced three albums. All three albums were a pretty big hit at the local high school, but Big Sick wanted more.

After these three albums, Big Sick decided to leave and pursue a singles career. In 2005, after many setbacks, up and downs, and heartbreaking events, Big Sick’s dreams finally came true. With an album produced mostly by underground legend Jason Porter, and features from Porter, Bloodshot, and more, Big Sick’s album “Fear of God” finally released.

After Big Sick dropped his album, he did a few shows, but had decided that music wasn’t his path. He decided to help manage and direct other groups on the label he was on, until he stepped away from music all together.

After almost 2 decades, Big Sick has returned for a final follow up album, entitled “The Line of Life and Death,” Which features Frank Nitty of Project born, as well as his label mates SlashmastACID, Rocky Rob, and Fro5O187. This album will be produced by longtime friend Jason Porter, Shy One, and Scrub Greedy. The album is set to release late 2024 or early 2025 on Got Bud? Recordz.

Big Sick also runs a podcast about conspiracies, the paranormal, the occult, religion, myths, cryptids, and the bizarre with fellow Got Bud? Recordz artist Rocky Rob, entitled “The Mind Walks Podcast,” and helps push artists to acheive their dreams under the Got Bud? Recordz collective.


Eternal Flame (w/ Inferno) (1999)
Immortal Ice (w/ Inferno) (2000)
Mirror of Shadows (w/ Inferno) (2001)
Fear of God (2005)
The Line of Life and Death (2024/2025)

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