Nathan Detroit

N8 Detroit

Nathan Detroit has been around since 1993, known then as Tre N8 Loc. His first album entitled “Certified” was pulled from local stores due to the graphic exploitation of crimes he committed.After serving time in county jails and a mental hospital, he returned to the streets and is making his music he calls “self-medication”. “My psycho therapist says my music is a good outlet to get things out and keep me from wanting to do them”. Dropping the “Tre” he was known as Nate Loc and self-produced his second album “Red And White Blood”. It was refused by local stores and forced to be sold on the streets of the 209 (Merced to Turlock to Modesto & Stockton). “Fuck the Wherehouses and those scared mom and pop stores, I don’t want money, I just want to live a straight life”. In 1996 however, Nateloc found himself arrested once again this time for assault, possesion of narcotics, and possesion of a firearm. “I couldn’t make bail and they threw me back in county for 9 months and the fucking crazy ward for 3 months, I was chemically medicated and got fucked up even worse.” Now back recording as Nathan Detroit he feels some things have changed. “I refuse to take meds, I just let my mind roam freely, I like to think of the voices as my own…when I preform on a track it’s off my head, I have no talent, and I don’t give a fuck, I do this for my own well being.” His first single from his upcoming album “6, Sick, Sex” is titled “Amputee Fetish”. “Amputee Fetish is my typical sexual fantasy, I need the violence, I need the infliction of pain and suffering to get off”. Hated by most, Nathan Detroit won’t stop his “self medication” until he dies. “I ain’t gonna stop this shit till I kill myself, and I know that’s what they want, they’ll all see me on the evening news, if not in their bedrooms”. “6, Sick, Sex” is sure to offend and be filled with no school, no skill style. “I ain’t from old or new school, I have no god damn skill, I just need to help myself live longer so I can get off more”

Nathan Detroit continued making snuff fetish themed music until 2005, when he started producing & collaborating with Anticon’s independent scene from the Bay Area. He went on to appear in the movies Big Stan with Rob Schneider & Money Ball starring Brad Pitt. He currently produces music and livestreams IRL as N8 Detroit on YouTube.


Certified (as NateLoc) (1993)
Red and White Blood (1995)
Certified (Re-release) (1997)
6, Sick, Sex (2000)
Decade of Death (2005)
Akashic Records Compilation (2006)

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