September 10, 2021 Fat Phrank 0

BVNE (pronounced “Bane”) is a rapper, producer, and vocalist located in Indianapolis, IN.



September 24, 2020 Fat Phrank 0

Hoax is a trap metal emcee, DJ, and producer from San Antonio, TX. In September 2020, he was announced as the newest artist to be […]


March 10, 2020 Fat Phrank 0

Serpentines is a group consisting of Shrunken Head Entertainment artists Razakel and Ritual of Ether. The duo announced their debut album in March of 2020.

The Slice Girls

Slice Girls, The

February 1, 2020 Fat Phrank 1

The Slice Girls are a group consisting of Arsenic Aney, DJ Kitty, and Razakel. The trio is currently signed to Shrunken Head Entertainment where they […]



January 31, 2020 Fat Phrank 1

With a very unique and dynamic range of music styles, Zitro is a very odd yet “likeable” addition to the music and entertainment industry! This […]

Jenocia X

Jenocia X

December 30, 2019 Fat Phrank 1

Jenocia X is a nationally-touring hip hop artist hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. With her own unique style of intelligent lyricism, execution and relentless speed, she […]

HB The Grizzly

HB The Grizzly

December 28, 2019 Fat Phrank 0

Roaring from the depths of the underground woke a beast named HB The Grizzly. Originally from Muskegon, MI, now living in Detroit, MI, she reps […]

Don Orias


December 27, 2019 Fat Phrank 0

DON OЯIAS has been actively making music for around 16 years, however only since 2013 has the “DON OЯIAS” name been seen. His origins are […]