With a very unique and dynamic range of music styles, Zitro is a very odd yet “likeable” addition to the music and entertainment industry!

This Detroit originator can please virtually any crowd in front of him. His style isn’t the only thing turning heads around town… his eyes are a real gazer as well. With major influence from rocker “Marilyn Manson,” Zitro adopted the “white eyes” look back in 2004.

Many other artists find Zitro as a “threat” when it comes to music competition. With his high energy stage presence and flawless performance, he is likely to leave a lasting impression on all those that watch!


A New Beginning: Part 1 (2020)
Black DiamondZ & Long IslandZ (2021)
TrickZ & TreatZ (Halloween Specials) (2021)
Nain Rouge (2022)
CAARNIVOROUZ (w/ CaarnivorZ) (2023)
Bars (w/ V Sinizter, Tierre Diaz, and Clifton Derrell) (2024)

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