Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is a hardcore New York based rapper/touring artist well known for his supremely violent, cinematic, attacking, raw lyrics, and extremely energetic flow.

Born and raised in the streets of Queens NYC, he had to commonly meet inhumanity first hand at a young age. Hyde’s own very real experiences with violence and brutality coupled with a love for boxing, 80’s thrash metal, and addiction to horror movies greatly stimulated his own memories and ultimately sparked his creative imagination in music.

Mr. Hyde is an integral and consistent mainstay at Psycho+Logical-Records, a label owned and independently run by fellow New York rapper/producer Necro.

Hyde’S 2004 debut solo album, BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD, and group album, CIRCLE OF TYRANTS, were fully funded and produced by Necro and are held in high regard as underground hip-hop cult classics.

Mr. Hyde’s ferocious, but ever evolving cutting edge style continues to be on full display over the years. His other solo endeavors include 2008’s CHRONICLES OF THE BEAST MAN, 2012’s IF IT BLEEDS WE CAN KILL IT, 2016’s EVIL NEVER DIES, and most recently, 2019’s THE BOOGEYMAN IS REAL.


Barn of the Naked Dead (2004)
The Circle of Tyrants (w/ Circle of Tyrants) (2005)
Barn of the Naked Dead Instrumentals (2005)
Rare Demos and Freestyles Volume 1 (2007)
Chronicles of the Beast Man (2008)
Corpse Trail of the Beastman (2008)
Rare Demos Vol. 2 (2009)
If It Bleeds We Can Kill It (2012)
Evil Never Dies (2016)
Evil Never Dies Instrumentals (2016)
The Boogeyman is Real (2019)
The Boogeyman is Real Instrumentals (2020)
Bonnie and Hyde (w/ Cherie Rain) (2021)
We are the Nightbreed (2022)
Tortures of the Damned (2023)

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