Jason Zarate, known as Z, is a rapper from Moses Lake, Washington and a member of the group Firing Squad with close friend Dikulz. Z has had many styles over his many years of rapping. He started out as mostly horrorcore then transitioned to mostly gangsta rap with a hint of horrorcore and now does a mix of gangsta rap and west coast g-funk. All of his music has a darker and gritty tone to it, however.

Z can rap at a normal pace or chop it up with the best of them, such as Twisted Insane. A collaboration track between Firing Squad and Twisted Insane lead to the duo being signed to his label, Brainsick Muzik.


D.O.A. Mixtape (w/ Firing Squad) (2011)
The Reconstruction (w/ Firing Squad) (2011)
The Toilet: Reflushed (2012)
Versakillity (w/ Firing Squad) (2013)
Holy Water (w/ Firing Squad) (2014)
Raw Servingz Mixtape (2014)
In All Honesty (2016)
To Marz and Back EP (2016)
Mr. Phuk U (2016)
Pirana (2017)
Block Eyez (2018)
No Swimming (2020)
West Sappening Vol. 1 (2020)

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