Dark Signz

Dark Signz

Dark Signz is a hardcore hip hop group from Vienna and Lower Austria, which has been up to mischief in the underground since 2003.

Dark, tough, aggressive, melancholic, nostalgic, theatrical – all words that apply to the Dark Signz. Their songs are about: violence, decadence, streets and dark everyday stories, atheism, psychology, love, sex and drugs. In Vienna, they have performed live as an opening act for people like 50 Cent and Culcha Cundela, and have worked with artists like Block Mccloud (A.O.T.P), Randam Luck (former Babygrande), Bloodline, and many more.

Group Members

Dikk Tracy
Da GreenFist
Gypsy Corleone
Jack Knife
Joe Hill
Rope Riddler


Nix zu verbergen (2005)
Signzfiction (2006)
Temorärer Wahnsinn (2011)

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