Bright Side of Dying (2017)
Banners From Hell (2017)
Psycho Tapes Vol. 1 (2018)
Curse From the Hearse (2018)
And Then There Was Nothing (2019)
Ritual Abuse (2019)
Untitled (2019)
Decline (2020)
Sold Souls Tape (w/ Sons of Solomon) (2020)
I Want to Leave (2020)
Murmurs to the Dead Sky (2020)
Sacrificial Suicide (2021)
Et Vos In Fata (2021)
Where Light Goes to Die (2022)
Collection I (2022)
Collection II (2022)
Hog Water (w/ Odprophet) (2022)
A Display of Agony (2023)
Purple Blankets (2023)

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