Twisted Insane

Twisted Insane

Michael Johnson (born September 22, 1982), known by his stage name Twisted Insane, is an American rapper and songwriter from San Diego, California.

While in Atlanta Georgia, he founded the record label Brainsick Muzik, to which other similar rappers are also signed.

He is known for having one of the fastest rapping speeds in the industry.


Tales Of A Mortuary (1998)
The Brainmatter (1999)
The Essence of Evil (2000)
The Devil Made Me It (2001)
Shoot for the Face (2006)
The Hells Kitchen Mixtape (2007)
The Monster in the Dark (2007)
Root of All Evil (2011)
The Insane Asylum (2013)
The Last Demon (2014)
Voodoo (2015)
Shoot for the Face 2 (2016)
The Gatekeeper and The Keymaster (w/ Charlie Ray) (2016)
Sick Dimension (w/ Demzwon) (2016)
In My Darkest Hour (2017)
Sick James (2019)
Sickopatomous (2019)
Twisted Insane Vol. 1 (2019)
The Tales of Michael Johnson (2020)
The Night Before Christmas (2020)
Certified Insane (w/ Skiltek) (2021)
Voodoo 2 (2021)
Voodoo 3 (2021)
The Reaper (2023)

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  1. Twisted insane you are an artist with a great spirit inside of you “I’m from San Jacinto Ca repp’n the INLAND EMPIRE “….just thought you should know .” your music has always been the soundtrack to my struggle “thank you homie much love and the utmost respect to you and your fam “ps keep up the good work blood “your bro Jon Nelson xSJxIE x49x “

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