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The Insane Asylum

by Twisted Insane

The Insane Asylum

2013 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

Brainsick Muzik

  1. The Initial High (Skit)
  2. The Insane Asylum
  3. Pick Your Poison (feat. C. Ray)
  4. Bat Outta Hell
  5. Split Up (feat. Firing Squad)
  6. Man or Myth (Skit)
  7. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (feat. C. Ray)
  8. Underground Psycho (feat. C-Mob)
  9. Monster (feat. C. Ray, Mitchy Slick & Key Loom)
  10. I Could've Been
  11. Scary Slaughter (feat. Redro Killson)
  12. A Finger or a Nose (Skit)
  13. Bang (feat. C. Ray)
  14. On My Shit
  15. I'm Sick Of (feat. Bishop)
  16. Voices (feat. C. Ray, Bleezo, Bishop, Poverty's Posterboy & Kung Fu Vampire)
  17. Tonight (feat. Redro Killson)
  18. Night Chronicles (feat. Wes Craven)
  19. Brainsick 1.0 (feat. C. Ray, Hurracane, Crucified, Z, D-Loc the Gill God, KD the Stranger, Mr Dos Muchos & Troll)
  20. I Kill