Formerly known as Wicked Dub, Torchur was a horror emcee located in Indianapolis, IN.

He was the creator of such groups as Phantazm (all of its iterations) and Three One Se7en.


Poltergeizt (w/ Phantazm) (2002)
Poltergeizt The Resurrection (w/ Phantazm) (2005)
Reincarnation (w/ Phantazm II) (2006)
Poetic Violence (w/ Three One Se7en) (2007)
Origin of Violence (w/ Three One Se7en) (2010)
Elevated Mind State (2010)
Wicked Minds (w/ Three One Se7en) (2011)
Morbid Existence (w/ Phantazm III) (2011)
Verbal Artillery (2012)
Morbid Existence II (w/ Phantazm) (2012)
Audio Plague (w/ Three One Se7en) (2013)
Midwest Riders II/Lay My Sins (w/ Three One Se7en) (2013)
Cult Classic/Hellworld or Heaven (w/ Three One Se7en) (2013)
Operation: Oblivion (w/ Three One Se7en) (2013)
Elevated Mind State II (2013)
Murder Musick (w/ Phantazm) (2013)
N.A.P.T.O.W.N. (w/ Three One Se7en) (2014)
Underground Unity (2014)

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