Redrum is a horrorcore and gangsta rapper out of Billings, Montana. He has released 11 officially pressed albums and 2 mixtapes under the moniker REDRUM. The first and only real Redrum started out in the late ’90s as Damien the Unholy, releasing 2 LPs on CD and two group albums with Junior Stray A.K.A Rage Ripsaw and Bane entitled SKS (Serial Killing Sycopaths) the Doomsday EP in 1998 and the Cenobite EP only available on cassette. This is also the same year that Redrum & Junior would start up Black Axe Records.

In 2002, he changed his name to REDRUM and made a self-titled Gangsta Rap EP. Fast forward to 2007, and Redrum alters his name as Redrum Tha Clown. With grease paint and blood, he toured Montana and the surrounding states to promote his new album Ready II DIE on Sadistik Recordz out of Saginaw, Michigan. Redrum and Junior would release the S.K.S album Terror x Ten. He also released an EP called The Side Show and a DVD of himself and SKS Concert Debut.

Come 2008, Redrum drops the clown moniker and all that comes with it and goes back to just REDRUM. In 2008, he signs with Street Sweeper Records for a one-record deal; the album was called Born II Die and had features by other 406 legends and Project Born. Come 2010, Redrum goes straight evil with his album Tales from the Dark Side and brings a more satanic element to his craft. At the same time, he drops an EP entitled Hell Freezes over with the horror elements still there but the satanic propaganda dialed down a couple of notches.

In 2011, Redrum met fellow horror rap 406 legend MR.E? and they made the first of two LPs titled MURDER MYSTERY CHAPTER 1 There was something in the air. In 2012, REDRUM dropped his Final Solo LP called end of days. Redrum and Mr.E? began to work on their follow-up and dropped Chapter 2 Idle minds. With production from Sicktanick on 89% of the tracks. It was commercially and critically successful, selling over 6k copies in Montana only.

Redrum and Mr.E? have been featured in and on the cover of over ten hip-hop rap magazines including Murderdog, Horrorcore Magazine, One Nation, and a lot more. Since then, Redrum and Mr.E? have made a Compilation titled Casket Kutz vol.1 and is available Nationwide on all streaming platforms. Redrum has also released 2 rarity albums called Left Over Gore 1&2. Be on the lookout for the Redrum album hits from hell, A Nationwide release available on all streaming platforms coming shortly. As I leave you, I must say like REDRUM himself would say…..




Ready II Die LP (2007)
The Side Show EP (2008)
Born II Die LP (2009)
Tales From The Dark Side LP (2010)
Hell Freezes Over EP (2011)
Murder Mystery Chapter I LP (2012)
End of Days LP (2012)
Leftover Gore Vol. 1 (2013)
Murder Mystery Chapter II (2014)
Leftover Gore Vol. 2 (2021)
Hits From Hell (2024)

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  1. ReDRuM is the definition of REAL horrorcorre. Thing is he’s lyrical, So he can stand toe to toe with ANY rapper currently in the game. Word/Rumor is.. Now that his long life friend and business associate ( J Eastwood ) has been released from The Michigan Department of Corrections. ReDRuM is slated to make an awesome return.. Like a big pair of sweaty titties in a latex bra! Also Sadistik Recordz has supposedly subsidiary into LoNE Gho$t Ent. No official word or confirmation from founder/J Eastwood. One thing is certain though.. With the release of J Eastwood and his now ” unlimited” resources, Be on the lookout for a major return from ReDRuM.. Same goes for Phade, 2-Die-4, D-Ranged-Killaz, Grotesque, A Dogg, And many more.. All I know is Big ReDRuM can come sprinkle this smooth cinnamon Neden anytime he wants! 🙂

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