Three One Se7en

Three One Se7en

There are certain numbers that hold power. As if they were moving and breathing, they seem to take on lives of their own. The number 13, for instance, is commonly held as an omen of bad luck. People are known to be particularly cautious should it fall on a Friday. Worldwide, 420 is known as a symbol of marijuana and getting high. Stoners everywhere consider 4/20 to be an almost sacred holiday. And a sequence of three 6’s has long been feared as the mark of the beast. God-fearing men and women have been said to make the sign of the cross on themselves in the hopes of avoiding some sort of unspoken evil as it’s mere sight. (Three One Se7en) is one of these numbers. It started out as any number, just a simple numerical order, but soon enough, it seemed as though it was self-aware. With the essence of a phantom, it manages to guide the destinies of millions. There are four individuals above all who seem almost possessed by it. Torchur, the Phantazm ghoul, with a hell bound aura. His are the works of madmen, to whom life is meaningless and horrible atrocities are to be glorified. Nuke, the accursed one. Bringer of chaos, he walks unfazed through the explosions of atomic bombs. His words tell damnation and shadows. Freakshow, the Highly Xplicit monster. Eyes burning with vengeance, he is the almighty wrath made flesh. His words are the same that brought destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah. Mr. Lokust, the Bolt Action Assassin. His lyrics put others into a psychotic trance and creates murder worldwide. Together, they are the unstable force of nature known as (Three One Se7en).

Three One Se7en has each been performing for 14 years. Prior to the formation of the group they had collectively put out 5 albums. Those would be Phantazm “Poltergeizt”, Phantazm “Poltergeizt: The Resurrection”, Phantazm II “Reincarnation”, and Xplicit “The Rebirth”. Each of which is unforgettable underground work. Their individual talents make them one of the most unique independent entities. Their debut release “Poetic Violence” is a testament of what can occur when four warped minds collaborate. Never before has the world witnessed such a release. A spectacular blend of rap, hip hop, terror, and pure skill, it is bound to be regarded as a classic for generations to come.

A prequel to the debut album was released “Origin of Violence” features original tracks, b-sides, remix, & other rare/exclusive material recorded during the first release. Three One Se7en also released the maxi single “Wicked Minds” featuring Bizzy Bone & King Gordy. Torchur released his first solo mixtape “Elevated Mind State” featuring Ron Jeremy, Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs N’ Harmony), Three One Se7en, and more, Torchur released Phantazm III “Morbid Existence” with national distribution from EOne (formerly Koch Records) / Long Range, Highly Xplicit released their “Winter is Coming” mixtape, and Torchur also released his 2nd solo mixtape “Verbal Artillery”/”Elevated Mind State 2012”.

The four horsemen of apocalypse has worked with some of the underground’s most talented and well known. They have created musical masterpieces with the likes of Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony), King Gordy (Fat Killahz/The Davidians), Bizarre (D12/The Davidians), Project Pat (Hypnotize Minds), Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan), The R.O.C (House of Krazees/Halfbreed), Kingpin Skinny Pimp (Prophet Posse), Lord Infamous (Three 6 Mafia), Rick Ross, Young Buck (formerly G-Unit), Powder P (Mo Thugs), Young Bleed (Formerly No Limit/Strange Music), Krizz Kaliko, Ces Cru, Kutt Calhoun, Copywrite (MHZ/Weathermen), Hopsin (formerly Ruthless Records), Brabo Gator, Young Noble (The Outlawz), Black Bart (State of Cykosis), Project Born, Q-Strange, L.U. Cipha, Sycksyde, KGP, Majik Duce, Ensizon (R.I.P), Mars, Marv Won (Fat Killahz), and NATAS. Also celebs like porn legend Ron Jeremy, & horror icon Kane Hodder have recorded cameo vocals for Naptown’s finest. Their stage performance is another unforgettable occurrence. They have shared the stage with Esham, Black Bart, ABK, Natas, Tech N9ne, King Gordy, Blaze, Lil Wyte, Project Born, DJ Clay, AMB, R.A. the Rugged Man, Mastamind, Bedlam, Zug Izland, Dice, Potluck, Glasses Malone, J Hornay, Sunspot Jonz (Living Legends), Mistah Fab, Halfbreed, Drive-By, Awesome Dre, Hell’s Kitchen, Vishiss, Uncle ILL (of Da Ruckus), Sol/The R.O.C, Cap One, Insane Poetry, 2 Sins, Perfect Nothing, Dent, Paradox, Level Jumpers, and many more.

A highly sought after commodity, they have been featured on several albums, mixtapes, and compilations over the years. They were featured in national magazine Murder Dog, with an array of other up and coming artists. They also had an AD & album review in Horrorcore magazine plus an AD in United Kingdom’s biggest horror magazine Scream & an album review in one of the biggest horror magazines in world Rue Morgue! It won’t be long before everywhere you turn, you see (Three One Se7en). Be sure to check out this underground sensation. Don’t be left in the dark, (Three One Se7en) are destined to be household names.

Group Members

Nuke Grimm
Mr. Lokust


Poetic Violence (2007)
Origin of Violence (2010)
Wicked Minds (2011)
Audio Plague (2013)
Midwest Riders II/Lay My Sins (2013)
Cult Classic/Hellworld or Heaven (2013)
Operation: Oblivion (2013)
N.A.P.T.O.W.N. (2014)

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