Rap Kaiser, The

The Rap Kaiser

The Rap Kaiser is a solo artist hailing from Hammond, IN. He is a master of the brutish art style of horrorcore hip hop.

The Bloodlust Revenant pulls influence from artists such as Twiztid, Tech N9ne, and Hollywood Undead! The Rap Kaiser has been part of NWI/Chicago’s underground scene since early 2018 and has steady been trailblazing and revolutionizing the scene since!

Kaiser is the lead of the supergroup The Hexassociates consisting of many other horrorcore artists such as:
Magadino the Chemist
Flock to Murder
Nos Insidious
Xander Gage
The H.O.F.
Bounce Ball Boogie
And F3tuz


The Bloodlust Revenant (2020)
Kult (2020)
The Man of Sin (2021)
The One Great Antichrist (2022)
Hellish Nights (2022)
Kaisers Fuck Off Files (2022)

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