Suburban Legendz

Suburban Legendz

Rukus of iconic horrorcore group, Kryptik, and Cutthroat began making music together in 2011. The duo released a few collaborative projects under the newly formed Butchered Beat Productionz before officially dubbing themselves the Suburban Legendz. They would go on to release nearly a dozen albums under the moniker from 2013 to 2017. Shortly thereafter, BBP closed its doors and the group disbanded.

Group Members



Suburban Legendz (2013)
Two Sides to Every Horror Story (2013)
Death Proof (2014)
Dead of Winter (2014)
Xperiment in Fear II (2015)
Autumn Bloodlust (2016)
Obscure Psychotic Madmen (2016)
Music to be Murdered By Mixtape (2017)
Evil Come Evil Go (2017)

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