Cutthroat The Coroner


Cutthroat The Coroner, aka Cutty aka CXRXNXR…

Started his music endeavor in 2008 writing and practicing making beats. He continued to practice and make demo songs until 2011, when RUKUS of Kryptik picked him up to start Butchered Beat Productionz, a legendary horrorcore label they ran until late 2017/early 2018.

In August of 2011, Cutty released his first album ever entitled “Xperiment in Fear” with Rukus. He has released numerous group projects and solo albums throughout the years and has produced for many artists, as well. Cutthroat continues to do so to this day.


The Remainz (2009)
Present… Xperiment in Fear (w/ Rukus) (2011)
Masters of Horror (w/ Rukus) (2011)
This Stuff’ll Kill Ya (2011)
The Great American Horror (2012)
This Stuff’ll Kill Ya Again (2012)
Invasion of the Body Snatcherz (w/ The Body Snatcherz) (2012)
House of Gore (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2012)
Elements of Horror (Beat Tape) (w/ Rukus) (2012)
The Legend of Gorehouse (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2013)
Headz Up EP (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2013)
Suburban Legendz (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2013)
The Coroner (2013)
The Monsterz Within (w/ Slammer Rapist) (2013)
Campfire Tales (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2013)
The Coroner Returns (2013)
The Coroner’s Office (2013)
Two Sides to Every Horror Story (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2013)
Return of the Body Snatcherz (w/ The Body Snatcherz) (2014)
Death Proof (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2014)
Dead of Winter (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2014)
The Ted Bundy of Rap (2014)
Trap House on the Left (w/ Tha Otherz) (2014)
One of a Kind Mixtape (2014)
Xperiment in Fear II (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2015)
Trap House on Haunted Hill (w/ The Otherz) (2015)
The World’s End (Beat Tape) (2015)
Witch Trap (Beat Tape) – Cutthroat Instrumentals (2015)
Autumn Bloodlust (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2016)
Obscure Psychotic Madmen (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2016)
The Time is Now (w/ The Otherz) (2016)
#WYKAT (w/ The Otherz) (2016)
Cutthroat Instrumentals – Killer Beat Tape (2016)
A Dose of Death Beattape (2017)
Music to be Murdered By Mixtape (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2017)
Evil Come Evil Go (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2017)
Super Strange Spook Show (2017)
Unearthed Volume One (2017)
Methods of Madness (2017)
Cheap Thrills (2017)
Super Strange Spook Show (2017)
Maybe the Real Zodiac Killer Was the Friends We Made Along the Way (2018)
The Last Struggle Before Death (2018)
Requiesce In Pace: The Best Of Suburban Legendz (w/ Suburban Legendz) (2020)
Witch Trap Pt. 2 (Beat Tape) – Cutthroat Instrumentals (2020)
Cutthroat Instrumentals x Yung Laveau – Bewilderment (Beat-Tape) (2020)
House of Gore (Re-visited) (w/ The Gorehouse Greatz) (2020)
When I Die Play Phonk at the Funeral Home – Cutthroat Instrumentals (Beat Tape) (2021)
Roses are Red, I Have a Knife (2021)
Slut Cemetery Mixtape (2021)
Xperiment in Fear Pt. III (w/ Rukus) (2021)
Anna in the Pumpkin Patch (2021)
Cutty the Cloaked Mane (2021)

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