Skitzo Da Ryda

Skitzo Da Ryda

Skitzo Da Ryda is a horrorcore/acid rap/devil shyt rapper form Fort Worth, TX. He started rapping in the group Trash Rap, but is now a solo artist.

Skitzo is currently signed to his own label, 17 RYDA RECORDZ, and Funhouse Productions. He is a self-described schizophrenic lunatic who escaped from a mental ward, owns a gang, and all types of bs.


Juggalo Bros (Lost and Scrapped) (w/ Trash Rap) (2021)
Trash Rap Back (w/ Trash Rap) (2022)
Mostrashless (w/ Trash Rap) (2022)
Skitzo Da Ryda (2022)
Murda Worth Ryda (2022)
Skitzo Da Ryda Vol. 1 (2023)



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