Hood Klan

Hood Klan

Hood Klan was a rap group started by Young EP (w/ Strife Abaddon) in 2009, gaining a large following in 2012.

Their roster grew to great numbers, showing much potential before dissolving in 2013 to internal conflicts. Their impact preceded Raider Klan, $uicideBoyz, and Doomshop respectively; and had they not broken up, could have potentially taken over in similar fashion. Still, many traces of their styles can be heard in the direction of Devil Shyt today.

After completing a semi-reunion album in 2017, a follow-up was planned, titled “All Out War,” but the project was scrapped, with Young EP releasing a solo album under the same name soon after.

Group Members

Young EP
DJ Codex
Strife Abaddon
B-Tite aka Brutally Tite
DJ 3o3
Yung Seer aka Seer Da Reaper
Hardcore Montana
DJ Tendonesia
Suicide Donna
Paco Loco
Yung Aust aka Shadow
Killa K
Lil Psyko


Hood Klan Volume One (2011)
NWA (Nigguhs Wit Ana) Vol 1 (2012)
NWA (Nigguhs Wit Ana) Vol 2 (2012)
Klan Music (2017)

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  1. This roster is missing da menace paco cruz not paco loco there are some others as well like nightmare and im actually Young EP, DJ Codex on beat theres a mixup going on there and hood klan is back get ready for a new catalog.

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