September 1, 2023 Fat Phrank 0

Snuffman is a gore rap/horrorcore artist from Guilford, Maine. started writing gore rap songs in 2021 along with Pikk Axx Man. Snuffman is signed to […]

Skitzo Da Ryda

February 1, 2023 Fat Phrank 0

Skitzo Da Ryda is a horrorcore/retro horror musik rapper form Fort Worth, TX. He started rapping in the group Trash Rap, but is now a […]

Trash Rap

Trash Rap

January 3, 2023 Fat Phrank 0

Originally making fun of mumble rap, TRASH RAP are two Juggalo rappers from Texas — Skitzo and Gdogg. It all started with the single “Money” […]