Cody Foster, better known by his stage name Sadistik, is an American alternative hip hop artist from Seattle, Washington.

Sadistik has been described as “showing his scars with each song he writes” and “the cigarette burn rap king”. Sadistik has been closely associated with the late hip hop artist Eyedea and has been known for “a unique style of hip hop, one that features dark imagery, dense wordplay, and nontraditional production styles.


The Balancing Act (2008)
The Art of Dying (w/ Kid Called Computer) (2010)
Prey for Paralysis (w/ Kristoff Krane) (2011)
Features & Free Songs (2012)
Flowers for My Father (2013)
Ultraviolet (2014)
Phantom Limbs (w/ Kno) (2015)
Salo Sessions (2016)
Altars (2017)
Salo Sessions II (2018)
Haunted Gardens (2019)
Delirium (2020)
Elysium (2020)
L’appel du Vide (2021)
Bring Me Back When the World is Cured (w/ Kno) (2022)

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