Jimmy Donn

Jimmy Donn

Jimmy Donn is a hip hop emcee, producer, composer, and director from St. Paul, MN. He is the founder of Sicfux Entertainment and Anxiety Music and has been part of groups such as The Oddballers, Dopesic, How to Gag a Maggot, and more.


Tha Real (as Godfather) (1997)
My So Called Life (1997)
Perversion 2.0 (w/ The Oddballers) (2002)
The Haunted Life (2012)
Dopesicness (w/ Dopesic) (2012)
Dark Matter (w/ Dopesic) (2012)
South of Heaven (2012)
Dopesic (2013)
Nothing Matters (w/ Dopesic) (2013)
Space Age (Part 1 of 2) (2014)
Ghosts Vol. 1 (2015)
Ghosts Vol. 2 (2015)
Ghosts Vol. 3 (2015)
Anxiety Music (2016)
Anxiety Music The Director’s Cut (2016)
The Nameless (w/ Grewsum) (2017)
How to Gag a Maggot (w/ King Gordy) (2017)
How to Gag a Maggot Deluxe Edition (w/ King Gordy) (2017)
Winter (2018)
The Dopesic Diaries: The Complete Collection 2010-2018 (w/ Dopesic) (2018)
The Beauty of Decay (2019)
Prime Cuts (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2019)
Reigning Blood (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2019)
The Purge (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2020)
A Place So Dark (2020)
Post Isolation Stress Disorder (2020)
The House (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2020)
Goat (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2021)
The Book of Boba Fett an Original Score (as 988) (2021)
The Infected (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2021)
Ghosts in Stereo (as 988) (2021)
Energy (w/ Joey Oz) (2021)
The Nameless II (w/ Grewsum) (2023)

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